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Hunt Wave League - 2019 - Saturday 12 - 7:00 am change timezone
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This is the semifinal of the CSGO Hunt Wave League. You can find the stream to this particular match over here. Despite being a relatively newish roster, 3DMAX has not let these changes affect their resolve and their performance. In Fact, some would even argue that the new team is better than the previous one. They have provided us with some innovative strategies and are responsible for making the plays int heir matches. They control the pace of the game and eventually are able to force their opponents to make mistakes. The two teams have played against each other many times in the past. The overall scores have always been very close. In fact, the last two meetups saw 3DMAX win in Overtimes scores. The Overtimes suggest that any team could have potentially won the match and come out on top.

The Polish squad of AGO has been very unlucky so far. Most of their results are very encouraging to the team and they just need a slight push in order to start winning matches. However, without the ultimate ‘W’; the team cannot make itself available for play against much better rosters. They are improving, but one wonders if it is enough right now. For now, we recommend a bet n 3DMAX; but it is an extremely risky cause of their past results. The two teams are very evenly matched and the outcome of this series can go either way.

Our pick : 3DMAX
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We recommend a small bet on 3DMAX for this match.

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