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ESEA MDL Season 31 Europe - 2019 - Tuesday 11 - 1:00 pm change timezone
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This is a best of one match on Overpass between AGO and Epsilon. The Polish team definitely has a few steps up its sleeves and are a consistent force to reckon with. They might not have the best results when I come to their recent matches, but their synergy and the level of coordination between its players is something to write home about. Most of their recent matches have been against Polish teams and that means that the team seems to lack the experience necessary to play against top tier teams. AGO’s win-rate on Overpass is very low and their near 35% win-rate is definitely not inspiring when it comes to placing a bet on the team.

Epsilon’s performance on the map is not strong either and they too field a sub-40% win-rate on the map. The Epsilon roster features a mixture of players from various nationalities. They have players from Bulgaria, Netherlands, Latvia amongst others. However, the last time that these two teams met, it was a clear victory for Epsilon ( 16-2 ) win. The success of Epsilon on Overpass demonstrates a keen understanding of the map and its playstyle. For now, we will stick with a bet on Epsilon; a team that has showcased its ability to stay on top of their matches with strong individual and team performances.

Our pick : Epsilon
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We recommend a bet on Epsilon for this match. The International team has showcased its dominance, especially when it comes to Overpass as a map. We think that they will come out ahead in this match as well.

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