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Hunt Wave League - 2019 - Tuesday 08 - 10:00 am change timezone
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This is the opening match for Group B at the CSGO Hunt Wave League. It is an event with $10,000 prize pool and features eight teams from Europe. Group B features teams such as AGO Esports, Neverplay, Chaos Esports Club and x-kom Team. AGO is a Polish lineup and has a few well-known names from the region. Players such as Furlan, GRuby and SZPERO have had lots of time with each other and against each other. Over time, they have developed excellent synergy with each other and have provided us with glimpses of Poland’s future. They have mixed results so far in their past month. They lost three of their past three matches which include teams like Winstrike, Windigo and 3DMAX.

Their opponents in this match, Neverplay, is a German team. They have some of the veterans in German scene such as Crisby, Kirby, etc. The players have been together for a long time and they have provided excellent training for some of the youngsters. While they have experience playing on almost all the mas., they are not efficient on any map. They have just under 50% win rate on either ma. The team’s performance over the past few months is the epitome of inconsistency. However, this does mean that they have a very high potential to possibly emerge as a very strong team when they are hitting their shots. Their peak is quite high which makes them a very strong team when they have good performances.

Our pick : AGO
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The two teams have played against each other for some time. They have five matches against each other, two of these matches went into Overtime. The score exhibits how close the two teams are to each other in terms of form and score. We think that both teams have a decent chance at winning this match, especially since its a Best of one. However, AGO does seem to have a slightly better presence in this match in terms of map wins.

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