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- 1969 - Wednesday 31 - 7:00 pm change timezone
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This is a Best of Three Group C opening match for the Loot.bet HotShot Series Season 3. The AGO roster is made up of Polish players and they have been together for some time. They have a decent map pool and they also have experience playing on Vertigo. While they have not won any matches on Vertigo, they have definitely experience playing on the map. They have played the map four times and have lost all four times. Regardless of this, it is their ability to choose their map picks acordingly which brings about the best in them. They are not afraid to play in Vertigo, a map which they obviously don’t have a lot of experience.

Their opponents for this match, Sharks features a Brazilian lineup including nak. He is the only well-known player on the team and apart from him, the others just earn their spot due to their talent and skill. The team is on a small losing streak, having lost their previous three games against the likes of Virtus Pro, Tricked and HAVU. The team’s performance is not bad and the are constantly providing a challenge to the Polish squad. However, right now, we have to say that AGO is the better team when it comes to firepower and also in terms of recent results.

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We recommend a bet on AGO for this match.

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