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ESEA - 2018 - Tuesday 13 - 12:00 pm change timezone
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This is a Best of One match for the ESEA MDL Season 7 challenge. The two teams will be playing against each other in a map decided by the veto.

Alternate Attax consist of a fully German roster. They have had middling results so far and their performance in the recent matches. But that being said, they did not really have many strong opponents. The performance of the team has been very confusing with some close wins, but then the team has been inconsistent in their performances.

EnVyUs Academy, on the other hand, are a team which has played slightly better teams. They dont really have a better performance than Alternate Attax. But the team has reached deeper into some of the tournaments that they are a part of. This gives us the impression that the team has better coordination than Alternate Attax.


Our pick : EnVyUs Academy
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This is a very risky match to place a bet on. The EnVyUs Academy roster has been making strides with their performances, but they are not really that far from Alternate Attax. We recommend a bet on EnVyus Academy for this match.

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