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United Masters League - 2019 - Monday 11 - 9:00 am change timezone
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This is a regular league stage match between Alternate Attax and Vexed. Alternate Attax has a German lineup and they include some decent albeit not so well-known players in their roster. They have stfN and Kressy on their lineup. They also have British Mantauu in their roster. Overall, the team has a decent map lineup and they are exceptionally strong on maps such as Cache and Inferno. However, they don’t really have much else to boast about. After all, their performance on maps such as Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno is nothing to write home about. Alternate Attax is quite inconsistent in their performance and a bet on this team can be quite risky for any bettor.

Vexed is a team that has minimal experience playing at a top level. The team has players from different nationalities and we assume communication should be a problem on the team. The Vexed roster has Pyth, formerly of NIP as a strong player. However, apart from him; none of the other players are well known. The team itself does not have a good track record on any maps other than Mirage. They are exceptionally good on Mirage [ despite only having a 70% win-rate ]. We have to recommend a bet on Alternate Attax for this match.

Our pick : ALTERNATE aTTaX
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We recommend a bet on Alternate Attax.

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