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ESEA MDL Season 31 Europe - 2019 - Wednesday 12 - 10:00 am change timezone
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The Alternate Attax and Vitality Counter-Strike match-up will feature a closely contested map on Inferno. Vitality is already emerging as a top tier team and they have repeatedly put forth some classic performances on Inferno. Zywoo’s movement wherein he can jump on to the sandbags on Banana without needing to crouch just shows how fluid he is in his movements. The Alternate Attax Roster will have a hard time trying to figure out how to counter Zywoo.

Unfortunately for Alternate Attax, Vitality is slowly emerging as a team that can truly put forth a strong performance despite of Zywoo. While Zywoo forms the crux of their performance, Vitality does have several other big names, each of whom can truly pull the weight of the team on his back. Right now, buoyed with the confidence of Zywoo’s performance, we are witnessing how the team is slowly finding its footing. It’s truly exhilarating to see the French scene able to put forth a strong team without KennyS and Shox.

Alternate Attax has just a 41% win-rate on Inferno, this is meagre compared to the above 70% win-rate for Vitality. The choice for this match is simple, we will recommend a bet on Vitality.


Our pick : Vitality
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We recommend a bet on Vitality for this match. The French team has slowly evolved into a strong unit, one that does not rely on Zywoo to carry the team on his back.

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