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LOOT.BET Season 3 - 2019 - Thursday 15 - 6:55 am change timezone
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These are the swiss round teams with 1-1 record. The outcome of this match does not really put forth any shot at the next stage of the tournament, neither does it pose a threat to any team ( regarding elimination) from the tournament. Alternate Attax recently won their match against the Final Tribe with relative ease. The team’s performance has improved in the past few weeks and they look very strong right now.

However, Winstrike is a team that has only sunk into a deeper hole in the tournament. Winstrike’s performance stems from its inability to cope together as a team. The players on the team have not been able to come together and that has resulted in the team.

Our pick : ALTERNATE aTTaX
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We recommend a bet on Alternate Attax.

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