[CSGO BLAST PREMIER: FALL 2020 SHOWDOWN] Team Spirit vs Virtus pro

November 20, 2020 | 0 | 0| |

Our Prediction / Betting tips

Team Spirit and Virtus.Pro will face each other in the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 tournament. Team Spirit si ranked 17th and with a 1.24 rating, mir is one of the best players on the squad. The player has a insanely high skill ceiling and the team’s performance relies on Mir’s form. Team Spirit’s map pool is extensive and they have improved on their map pool with Train and Overpass. The discipline on the CT side makes Team Spirit extremely capable of causing massive upsets.

Virtus.Pro is ranked 14th, despite a string of good results lately. The team’s performance has been improving, but they still face much of the same problems as before. With the bigweight on the AWP as he is, James’ liking for the costly rifle is also a bane for the team as they need to always present an AWp for the team.

Our pick : Team Spirit

Team Spirit has a very close series agianst Virtus.Pro. Being CIS teams, the players on both rosters have a great understanding of each other’s playstyle. I am taking Team Spirit to cause an upset in this series.

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