[CSGO LOOT.BET SEASON 4] Bpro vs ex-Epsilon

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LOOT.BET Season 4 - 2019 - Thursday 12 - 9:30 am change timezone
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This is the Swiss round 2 match between BPro and Ex-Epsilon. BPro features a Bulgarian lineup and has a relatively new roster. Regardless of their inexperience, the current BPro lineup has upset several strong teams in the recent past. They have won matches against teams such as Sprout and Nordavind, which further emphasis on their individual skill but their lack of team synergy.

Ex-Epsilon players, many of whom accused their former team of not paying out salaries have stuck together. The team is on a winning streak of late, having won their recent matches. What is crucial is that Ex-Epsilon includes three Bulgarian players, and probably the most skilled players from the region. They should have a relatively easier time playing in this match.

Our pick : ex-Epsilon
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We recommend a bet on Ex-Epsilon for this match.

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