[CSGO WESG 2018 SOUTH AFRICA] Bravado vs eNergy Academy

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WESG 2018 South Africa - 2018 - Saturday 08 - 10:00 am change timezone
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This is the semifinal of the WESG South Africa tournament and it will feature two of the better teams from the region. Bravado recently made headlines as they reached the semifinals of their first proper International LAN event. The tournament provides an opportunity for Bravado to present themselves as a strong team for the scene.

They have some really strong players such as Detrony, Sonic on their team. With the team being together for most of the past few months, they have developed a type of synergy on the roster. We expect them to come out with all guns blazing here.

Our pick : Bravado
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We recommend a bet on Bravado for this match.

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