[CSGO ECS SEASON 6 NORTH AMERICA] compLexity vs Renegades

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ECS Season 6 North America - 2018 - Thursday 08 - 6:00 pm change timezone
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Fighting for a spot in the Finals, we will be seeing the Aussies from Renegades fighting their way over the North Americans of compLexity in a best of one at Cache.

Renegades didn’t impress us at IEM Chicago 2018 but the team couldn’t count with their coach there and their results online at ECS and EPL show a completely different team that we are expecting to see once more at this match. Gratisfaction and liazz definitely were the right picks for this team and they’re already showing improvements individually.

compLexity in the other hand still is a very inconsistent team. It’s clear that ShahZam isn’t the perfect awper for the tier they want to reach and there’s a lot of holes in their overall game plan. Even in online series, coL hasn’t been impressing us.

We recommend a bet on Renegades.

Our pick : Renegades
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