[CSGO PIXEL.BET BRAWL: NORDIC VS. EUROPE] Copenhagen Flames vs NoChance

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Pixel.bet Brawl: Nordic vs. Europe - 2019 - Saturday 12 - 12:00 pm change timezone
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This is the quarterfinal matchup between Copenhagen Flames and NoChance. Copenhagen Flames is the renowned Danish organisation that has helped several of the current Astralis players find their feet in the early days of esports.

They still field a Danish lineup with several young and upcoming players from the region. Some of you might recognise Sycrone on the roster, particularly from his past performances which have been Reddit-worthy. In terms of results, the team does not have a rich history. They are not doing too well when it comes to other Tier, 2/3 teams. They have to gain more experience playing together on an International stage in order for us to judge them properly. They are pretty much on a losing streak, although some of them were BO1 losses to other teams.

Their opponents for this match are NoChance, a team that has a mixed roster. The lineup includes players from five different countries. Despite their international roster, the team has put up good performances and results. They are able to win BO3 series against teams such as SuperJymy, Sprout and LAN Dodgers. These might not be the best teams when it comes to their tier, but they are definitely experienced and have a lot of fi repower on their rosters.

Our pick : NoChance
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We recommend a bet on NoChance for this match.

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