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ESEA MDL Season 31 Europe - 2019 - Thursday 13 - 11:00 am change timezone
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This is a Best of One match on Vertigo, a map that is a coin-toss for several teams. Vertigo is the latest addition to the map pool and as such, most of the teams have relatively no experience on the map. Their inability to form strong and efficient strategies on the map means that the chances of an upset on this map are quite high. The map was extremely T sided with the A bomb-site being the favoured bomb-site for the most part. The terrorists had easy access to the A bomb-site and they would get a very early plant. This would then result in a situation where the CTs are constantly trying to defuse the bomb after it has been planted.

x-Kom is a team that has a Polish roster and the players have excellent synergy with each other. While the main Polish teams are slowly fading away due to lack of a decent skill level, x-Kom is a rising star in the region. The team includes well-known Polish players such as Reatz, Oskarish, Innocent amongst others. x_Kom has a 62% win-rate on Vertigo and they have played it eight times in the recent past. On the other hand, we have seen how Cr4zy has only played the map three times and have won all their matches. Ofcourse the quality of opposition when it comes to Cr4zy is not the same as that of x-Kom; and that is something that will put forth x-Kom as a legitimate contender for this match.

Our pick : x-kom
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