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CS summit 6 EU - 2020 - Tuesday 30 - 3:00 pm change timezone
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ENCE and FaZe Clan face off against each other in the 9-12th place decider match at the cs_summit 6. The outcome of this match is important to either team because this tournament award teams RMR points. Valve will use these RMR points and the team’s rankings to determine the final list of invitations to the ESL One Rio Major in November.

The Finnish squad of ENCE is a relatively young and inexperienced roster. The veteran player on this team, Allu, is well-known for his aggressive playstyle that gives his team a small advantage in tight situations. He is not afraid to push through corners with the AWP. Normally, this would be a massive disadvantage to any team. But Allu uses his excellent timing and understanding of the game to ensure the right moment to peek.

FaZe Clan is the third-best CSGO team in the world. The international roster had to undergo a change when Olofmeister took a break from the game due to burnout. They added Bymas to the roster on trial. After playing FPL with the youngster, NiKo saw potential in the player and added him to their active roster. While Bymas has proven himself to be an excellent player on FaZe, his presence has opened up new possibilities for the team. NiKo seems to have returned to his old form, giving FaZe Clans something to cheer about. Before S1mple and Zywoo took the world by storm, NiKo was the best CSGO player, consistently hitting big numbers and leading the team in the scoreboard.

Our pick : Faze Clan

There’s not much that ca stop FaZe Clan when NiKo is in impressive form. I recommend a bet on FaZe Clan to win this match. However, there is also a high possibility of ENCE taking a map off FaZe Clan.