[CSGO CS SUMMIT 6 EU] OG vs Team Vitality

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CS summit 6 EU - 2020 - Wednesday 01 - 9:00 am change timezone
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OG and Team Vitality will face each other in the cs_summit 6: Online North America. Team Vitality’s roster is made up of some really aggressive and talented individuals in the scene. The team has potential and can easily rise to become the best team in the scene. They rely heavily on Zywoo to put up strong performances and the overall mannerisms of the team have adjusted well to this change.

OG’s firepower was never the same as Team Vitality. Despite adding new players, OG’s roster does not stand up to Vitality in raw firepower.

Our pick : Team Vitality

Vitality has the better firepower and Im going with the French players to take the win.