[CSGO CS SUMMIT 6 NA] Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G Esports

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CS summit 6 NA - 2020 - Wednesday 01 - 6:00 pm change timezone
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Evil Geniuses and Gen.G will face each other in the playoffs of the cs_summit 6 Online North America. The cs_summit 6 Online North America is a Regional Major Ranking event. teams earn RMR points which determine Valve’s list of invitations to the ESL One Rio Major in November.

Evil Geniuses has produced mixed performances so far in 2020. The team’s results have seen them defeat the likes of Team Liquid, but then they also fell to lower-ranked teams. A big reason for the team’s inconsistency has been their lack of coordination in online matches. Evil Geniuses made a name for itself after its CSGO entry when the organization reached the Number 1 rank in CSGO. However, it was difficult for the team to maintain this position as the team quickly fell through the ranks.

Meanwhile, Gen.G’s in-game leader, Daps is extremely well-versed with EG’s playstyle. HE was the in-game leader on EG (then NRG) before they swapped him in an effort to substantiate their rankings and achieve greater heights. On Gen.G, Daps has already proved his worth with excellent leadership and a thorough understanding of the enemy playstyle. However, in terms of raw firepower, EG has the advantage over Gen.G.

Our pick : Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses has a better rank and more firepower compared to Gen.G. I take EG to win this match, but it will be a close affair with a high chance of the series going the distance of over 2.5 maps.