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DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Europe - 2020 - Sunday 24 - 12:20 pm change timezone
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Our Prediction / Betting tips

Mousesports and MAD Lions will face each other in the DreamHack Masters Spring EU. MAD Lions is 0-1 in the group stage while Mousesports (surprisingly) has lost their inaugural two matches in the tournament. The team that tops the group in this tournament will advance to the upper bracket playoffs. Meanwhile the second and third-placed teams will move to the lower bracket of the tournament.

MAD Lions has had a decent performance so far in the tournament. While the team’s playstyle requires Bubzki to put up a strong show, so far he has been underwhelming compared to his normal circumstances. Bubzki is the firepower on MAD Lions and if he returns to form, MAD Lions should have no troubles with this match.

However, they are facing Mousesports, a team that on paper, is the better team. Mousesports has more experience and a higher skill ceiling. However, as is the case with online matches, Mousesports is inconsistent and unreliable for CSGO bettors.

Our pick : MAD Lions

CSGO bettors should take MAD Lions to win this series against Mouseports. Mousesports has not been in the best form. MAD Lions, while not at its peak, has definitely put forth a stronger showing compared to their opponents.