[CSGO DREAMHACK MASTERS SPRING 2020 EUROPE] Natus Vincere vs Team Vitality

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DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Europe - 2020 - Saturday 30 - 11:30 am change timezone
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Natus Vincere and Team Vitality will face each other in the DreamHack Masters Spring EU tournament. The two teams comprise two of the best CXSGO players in Zywoo and S1mple. Despite featuring Zywoo on its roster, Vitality has fallen down to the tenth placed team in the HLTV rankings. The team’s lack of performance from the other members on its roster has caught them unawares and they are unable to match up to the firepower and the strategy of the other top teams in the scene.

Despite being the better-ranked team, Natus Vincere’s recent results were shocking. The team was eliminated from the ESL One: Road to Rio CIS tournament by local rivals, Hard Legion. Na’Vi’s inability to defeat Syman Gaming and later, Hard Legion proved to be their undoing as they will not have to ensure a stronger performance in the next RMR tournament, the cs_summit 6.

Meanwhile, Vitality is already showing signs of life and has produced some commendable performances. They defeated NiP, Godsent and Heretics recently. While they are still far from na’Vi it should not come as a surprise for French fans to see Vitality with a possibility to win this match. It all comes down to Zywoo and how the rest of the players on the square are able to support the young prodigy.

Our pick : Team Vitality

A risky bet with great odds, Vitality can find the right path to success in this match.