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DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 North America - 2020 - Tuesday 26 - 3:10 pm change timezone
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Our Prediction / Betting tips

100Thieves and Gen.G will face each other in the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Online EU tournament. The two North American teams are amongst the best teams in the region and CSGO fans can expect a competitive game in the opening match for Group B.

The team that tops Group B will receive a direct invitation to the upper bracket playoffs. The next two teams will have a qualification to the lower bracket. 100Thieves features an Australian roster that rose to prominence in 2019. The team’s performance has suffered in the subsequent months and 100Thieves did not have the same success as Evil Geniuses roster.

Gen.G is on a winning streak of late and has actually won four of their last five matches. Their only loss comes against Cloud9, however, they defeated Cloud9 in their next match-up. With Daps leading the team, this roster has a bright future. Daps is one of the most underrated CSGO in-game leaders and has led NRG in 2019 to become one of the best CSGO team in North America. However, when it comes to pushing the team into the top ten, Daps has had to take a break from the team as Stanislaw helped EG rise to the top.

This match is going to be close, Gen.G is in great form right now compared to 100Thieves. With both teams almost equal in skill-ceiling, a bet on Gen.G would be the easier bet for most teams.

Our pick : Gen.G Esports

We recommend a bet on Gen.G for this match.