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DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 North America - 2020 - Sunday 31 - 3:10 pm change timezone
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Our Prediction / Betting tips

Gen.G has been on a winning streak recently. The team has won four of their last five matches with their only loss coming against Cloud9. However, it has been an ongoing tussle between the two teams as Gen.G has also defeated Cloud9 in the recent past.

Gen.G’s CSGO roster comprises daps leading the team. Daps has helped other North American CSGO teams rise to a new level in the past. He helped NRG (now Evil Geniuses) rise to the top spot in CSGO rankings. Gen.G’s performance has been on a rise recently, and the players have a better understanding of their playstyle. With BnTeT improving the team’s firepower considerably, Gen.G looks poised to put up a strong performance in this series.

Cloud9 and Gen.G have played each other multiple times in the recent past. Whle Cloud9 won a series, Gen>g struck back with a win of their own. The two teams have a very good understanding of each other’s playstyle that helps them counter each other.

Our pick : Gen.G Esports

If you had to place a bet on a money line bet, I would say go for Gen.G. However, it is safer to bet on this series going the distance of over 2.5 maps.