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ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe - 2020 - Friday 04 - 8:00 am change timezone
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The 12th season of ESL Pro League is here and in the European side of things we will be seeing Natus Vincere going after ENCE in order to get back on their feet after a massive disappointment in their previous tournament.

ENCE went from a massive underperforming team to an overwhelmingly inconsistent team, which is an upgrade but not enough to we consider them as a potential threat to teams amongst the best in the world.

Na’Vi in the other hand is on the verge of losing their place among these teams, as the squad keeps handing out matches that should be theirs.

This match will be an interesting one, as both squads will do their best. Being it a best of three maps, the map pool will be the most important factor.

With this in mind, we do recommend a bet on Na’Vi.

Our pick : Natus Vincere