[CSGO ESL PRO LEAGUE SEASON 12 EUROPE] Team Vitality vs Faze Clan

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ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe - 2020 - Saturday 12 - 11:30 am change timezone
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Team Vitality had a slow start to the tournament as the French lost their opening game to Team Spirit. Zywoo remains one of the best players in the scene, but it is interesting to see how Vitality evolves without ALEX. ALEX was able to bring out the best in Zywoo and the rest of the team was able to command a suitable performance. However, the constant travel and the burnout ended up forcing ALEX to take a break.

FaZe Clan has been on a slump recently. NiKo has had to apologize to FaZe Clan fans for the team’s lacklustre performance. They will take some time to get back to winning ways and it is highly unlikely that they will win this match against team Vitality.

Our pick : Team Vitality

I am taking Vitality to win this match. While the world’s best team might not be on a winning streak, FaZe Clan looks extremely weak and unlikely to even make it to the playoffs.