[CSGO ESEA MDL SEASON 30 EUROPE] ex-Fragsters vs Spirit

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ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe - 2019 - Monday 11 - 11:00 am change timezone
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This is a best of one match-up on Nuke. The two teams involved in this match, Ex-Fragsters and Spirit are not too well-prepared on this map. They are only at around 50% win-rate for the map which is not a good rate at all. The win-rate is mostly based on their economy in their CT side. Ex-Fragsters is a fully Danish roster made up of young Danish players. These players have proven their worth at their tier and are definitely rising up the ranks of Counter-Strike.

Their opponents for this match, team Spirit comprises of several strong members in CIS Counter-Strike. these players have been together for long periods of time and have excellent synergy. However, as a team they have never been strong on Nuke as a map. it is not one of their stronger suits and their Nuke maps wins are all about their T side performance.

Our pick : ex-Fragsters
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