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ESL Pro League Season 9 Europe - 2019 - Tuesday 16 - 12:20 pm change timezone
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Faze Clan is a team that has just won a premier event. Their performance at Blast Pro Series Miami was definitely inspiring, but it was also partly due to the exceptional performance by Niko. The young player, who is also the IGL of the team proved his worth as he was simply unstoppable against their opponents in the Grand finals, Team Liquid. However, despite having the top tier talent in the scene, Faze Clan still remains a team that can turn into a bombshell. The team does not always prove itself to be the example of consistency. When their players start hitting their shots, they look like the best team in the world; possibly better than Astralis. But it is difficult to get so many star players hitting their shots on a more consistent basis.

devils.one’s roster consists of many well-known Polish players. These players include the likes of Taz, rallen, minise, mouse amongst others. While they certainly do not lack talent, they are not at the same tier of experience and performance as that of Faze Clan. Ofcourse, their rankings showcase the difference between the two teams. Devils.one has a great tactical depth which complements their loose style of play. However, they do not always land their shots which can result in disastrous and often awkward-looking experiences for the team.

Our pick : FaZe
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