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Flash point 2 - 2020 - Sunday 15 - 11:40 am change timezone
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Cloud9 and OG both started their runs at the second season of Flashpoint with the wrong foot and now one of them will rebounce here – will the new squad from Cloud9 make it, or OG will take the win home?

Cloud9’s new squad is definitely a promising one, but in their first match against VP they completely disappointed their fans with a mediocre showing. Of course, this can be attributed to the team being fairly new and still lacking experience together.

OG in the other hand suffered an upset from Gen.G and the final result was very worrying, with OG getting a total of 15 rounds in a best of three match. Yet, it’s hard not to point how their opponents were surprisingly competent and OG in the end, is the better team right now compared to Cloud9.

We do recommend a bet on OG.

Our pick : OG