[CSGO FLASH POINT 2] Forze vs Berlin International Gaming

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Flash point 2 - 2020 - Friday 13 - 8:00 am change timezone
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Heading to the second season of Flashpoint are the Russian squad from forZe and the German team under the BIG banner. Both teams will do everything they can in order to take a win out of this match.

forZe has been surprising and doing some upsets over the course of this year, and the squad has show that they improved a lot over the past months. Unfortunately for them, however, in this match they will face an eager BIG, who is ready to take them.

BIG is a team just a level ahead forZe in every category in-game. The team follows a more structured gameplan, and they know that forZe isn’t a team to underestimated, but not one that they should be over cautious about.

We do recommend a bet on BIG.

Our pick : Berlin International Gaming