[CSGO FLASH POINT 2] Gen.G Esports vs OG

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Flash point 2 - 2020 - Friday 20 - 8:00 am change timezone
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Gen.G and OG will face each other in the FLASHPOINT Season 2. The tournament has a massive prize pool but has tier 2 teams at best. The winner advances to playoffs, losing team goes to the Last Chance StageWhile there are a few notable exceptions like Fnatic and OG. OG is playing this match versus Gen.G which has been a surprise revelation so far in the tournament. Gen.G’s roster has a mixture of players from North America, BnTeT from Asia and a couple of players from Sweden, including Xizt. Xizt has not disappointed so far and his experience has definitely helped the young players on the Gen.G roster.

OG’s roster has a significantly higher skill ceiling and the team has lost three of its last five matches. The team lost to Gen.G recently (1-2 score), Team Spirit and FaZe Clan. The last series between the two teams ended in a relatively one-sided match favoring Gen.G. OG was unable to reach 11 rounds in both maps, highlighting Gen.G’s superior strategy over OG.

Our pick : Gen.G Esports

Gen.G’s roster is relatively new. Xizt’s addition adds a new angle to the North American roster and BnTeT provides a lot of firepower to the roster’s performance. I am taking Gen.G to win this series although it might be closer than the last 2-0 victory.