[CSGO ESEA MDL SEASON 30 EUROPE] forZe vs Vitality

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ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe - 2019 - Friday 15 - 12:00 pm change timezone
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Forze is a Russian lineup and they have a mixture of strong players as well as many amateurs but upcoming players from the region. The team has players who can rise up in the CIS CSGO region, however, they need more experience to stick together and plan out different strategies. They will be up against a team that relies on their star player to make the moves in the team.

Zywoo has helped the Vitality roster reach the attention of the masses. The Soft-spoken player is a beast in the game and he proved himself on LAN as well. This match will be on Cache, and that is great news for the Vitality players. They prefer to play on open maps such as Cache which can ensure they rely on their aim and freedom to make movements across the map.

Our pick : Vitality
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We recommend a bet on Vitality for this match.

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