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Arctic Invitational - 2019 - Saturday 14 - 5:00 am change timezone
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This tournament is the Arctic invitational taking place in Finland, a country where tournaments are slowly increasing in frequency. This is the semifinals of the Arctic Invitational  between Cloud9 and FURIA. While Cloud9 has not had a very competitive roster since their Eleague Major victory, this is a version of the team which brings about significant excitement in fans. The team is a mixture of North American players besides Mixwell (Spain).

FURIA has Kscerato who will be the X-factor coming into this tournament. The player has been on a roll of late and has produced some amazing individual plays. However, FURIA ‘s gameplay relies heavily on their team chemistry and synergy. They do not rely on an individual to pull them out of the trenches, although they have definitely seen significantly positive results due to this. 

Our pick : Cloud9
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We recommend a bet on FURIA, due to the stability of their roster and their gameplay, which is very team-based.

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