[CSGO DREAMHACK OPEN TOURS 2019] G2 vs FrenchFrogs

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DreamHack Open Tours 2019 - 2019 - Friday 17 - 6:30 am change timezone
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The French roster has not been at the best of their performance. They rely on their star players to put up big numbers and provide the guidance for the rest of the roster. Despite their best attempts, the team ha not been able to rise above the Tier 2 CSGO scene. They have AmaneK, who provides a lot of guidance to the team’s strategy. They are extremely strong on maps such as Dust2, Overpass and Nuke. They prefer to have a very strong CT side and that is why they can communicate with ease. However, the team lacks adequate firepower that is required in order to crack the Tier one scene.

Their match is against FrenchFrogs, a team that has repeatedly put forth some strong results in the French scene. This comes due to their ability to constantly communicate with each other and bring about new and diverse strategies. The players are top tier players in the French scene, some of which have been in top teams in the scene. They have constantly been able to put forth strong results and are right now without an adequate organisation.

Our pick : G2
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Despite the relatively high chances of an upset, G2 should still be able to take this match with ease. They have confidence when it comes to this particular match against FrenchFrogs. We will recommend a bet on G2 for this match.

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