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- 1969 - Wednesday 31 - 7:00 pm change timezone
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This Best of One map will take place on Train between HAVU and Epsilon. HAVU is a Finnish roster which is slowly rising up the ranks in EU counterstrike. To be fair, they have been rising through the ranks for some time, yet we are not really seeing any noticeable progression on their part. The team’s performance requires excellent coordination between all the players. It almost never is one player outshining the rest of the squad and that is why HAVU remains a very strong prospect when it comes to their Counter-Strike team.

Epsilon’s International team features a mixture of players from various nationalities. The team itself has quite a good run on Train and are currently at a 64% win-rate on the. They have a great CT side which often gives them a huge advantage if they play the CT side first. Ofcourse, Train being the map that it is, any team getting the choice would prefer to play on the CT side. The Epsilon roster has been on a losing streak of late and that might impact their overall performance in this game. They need confidence on their players in order to put up strong performances. Since they come from a team that relies on individual skill of its players, their positioning and performance becomes crucial.

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We recommend a bet on HAVU for this match.

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