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Rivalry.gg Rising Stars - 2018 - Saturday 08 - 7:00 am change timezone
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This is the upper-bracket Quarterfinal for the tournament. The Rivalry.gg Rising stars tournament features a $15,000 prize pool. It is a huge achievement for some of these teams and they will try to win this match. HAVU’s Finnish lineup has an eclectic mix of strong players from the region as well as a few new upcoming players. The mix does need time to show better results. THeir map pool itself is the biggest problem for the team. They have a few maps where they are amazing, but their diversity for the map pool is quite limited. They prefer Dust2, Mirage and Cache as their maps of choice. So it will be interesting to see what maps they can manage from the map veto.

For their opponents, X6tence Galaxy has had a slightly better run when it comes to their performance. They have wins against teams such as LDLC, Complexity, Vexed Gaming etc. They have also won their last two matches against HAVU in what is a clear show of their current domination over the Finnish lineup.

Our pick : x6tence Galaxy
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