[CSGO IEM XV BEIJING NA] Chaos Esports Club vs Evil Geniuses

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IEM XV Beijing NA - 2020 - Saturday 21 - 4:00 pm change timezone
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Chaos Esports and Evil Geniuses will face off against each other in the North American edition of IEM Beijing Haidian 2020 Online tournament. Evil Geniuses is one of the best North American CSGO teams and some of its players have been called the best-skilled players in the entire world. However, EG sufferers from cohesive play and they lack the depth in strategies compared to the EU teams (at least for now).

For a long time Chaos Esports Club (formerly Digital Chaos) was represented by former IBP player John Steel Nissan. The team had some innovative plays but it was their strategies strength that gave the team an advantage over some of the other tier 1 North American teams.

Despite all the success surrounding the Chaos roster, EG is still ranked 8th, eleven places above Chaos esports. I am taking Evil Geniuses to win this match, and I should say, it would be with ease, possibly a 2-0 score.

Our pick : Evil Geniuses

I am taking Evil Geniuses to win this match against Chaos Esports Club.