[CSGO UCC SUMMER SMASH] Izako Boars vs Ancient

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- 1969 - Wednesday 31 - 7:00 pm change timezone
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This match is between two teams with a 1-1 record in the Swiss format at UCC Summer smash tournament. The tournament has a prize pool of $30,000 and features a total of 20 teams from around Europe. With a Swiss format system for the tournament, it is evident that the tournament holds significance to bring out the best teams amongst the participants. Ancient’s roster features a Swedish lineup with the likes of Disco Doplan, FreddieB and Draken on the roster. Many of these players have played for Tier 1 Swedish teams in the recent past. Their performance on these teams definitely lived upto expectations. The team’s performance might not have yielded them international trophies, but that was more to do with the lack of chemistry on teams than lack of skill

Izako Boars is a Polish organisation which has consistently lived upto expectations. The Polish roster, however, is made up of entirely new and relatively inexperienced players. Their map pool is not so strong and that might be a big impact in this match. Not only does Izako boars lack experience, but their poor map pool will hurt their performance as a team. We recommend a bet on Ancient for this match.

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We recommend a bet on Ancient for this match.

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