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This is a Best of Three-match series between Lucid Dream and Tyloo for the ESL Pro League Season 9 Asia division. The two teams in this match are from different countries, and there is a stark contrast in their skill level. Lucid Dream comes from Thailand and they have not been able to crack the International stage as of yet. Tyloo, on the other hand, is a well known International team featuring Chinese players. They have repeatedly caused upsets to Tier 1 teams in the past, even defeating the world’s best team at a time.

The difference in skill and experience is definitely going to affect the outcome of this match. Since it is a Best of Three series, the chances of an upset happening are relatively slim. Tyloo should be able to win this match quite easily, even if it means that they might lose a map here and there. Their experience and their dominance when it comes to weaker tems are aptly displayed in their matches. They are not afraid to take the fight to their opponents and using their superior skill to their advantage. in fact, in the early days of their international playstyle, this was their go-to method.

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We recommend a medium sized bet on Tyloo for this match.

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