[CSGO ESEA MDL SEASON 30 NORTH AMERICA] Luminosity vs Infamous

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ESEA MDL Season 30 North America - 2019 - Sunday 17 - 10:00 pm change timezone
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Luminosity has been putting a fight for the place of best Brazilian team after MiBR and they will be having to prove themselves against a low level North American team in the 30th season of ESEA MDL.

Luminosity has been very inconsistent but overall, they have achieved somewhat expected results. There’s clear a lack of motivation behind this team and there’s much work to be done, but once they managed to hit their groove, they should be back on track.

There’s not much going for their opponents Infamous though. They just managed to close a loss streak but aren’t looking much beater, and we shouldn’t be seeing much of them after this season of MDL.

We do recommend a bet on Luminosity.

Our pick : Luminosity
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