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Letou Invitational - 2018 - Saturday 06 - 2:00 am change timezone
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On Letou Asia Invitational 2018, the newest major challengers, Flash Gaming are going to star in the semifinal stage in a match against their up and coming rivals New4 that finished the last year with pretty bad results and 2018 isn’t looking to be a lot different.

Flash Gaming just received the good news yesterday and their confidence are probably over the top as they will be able to join the next CSGO Major replacing TyLoo and to train a bit before going to the United States in the upcoming New Challengers Stage, Flash will be able to practice a bit in Letou Asia Invitational in a best of three against the disappointing New4 squad that so far din’t accomplish nothing other than loses, so advantages is one thing that they have for sure in this match.

New4 in the other way is probably very disappointed and the roster members are probably knowing that one or more will be getting kicked of the team sooner than later and this don’t help a single bit in the team situation.

So for this best of three we should be seeing Flash Gaming winning without any major problems.

Our pick : Flash
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