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ESL Pro League Season 9 Europe - 2019 - Tuesday 16 - 4:00 pm change timezone
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This is a Best of Three-match series between NIP and Heroic as they prepare for the ESL Pro League Season 9. The two teams are definitely trying to make an impact when it comes to their performance in the world stage. However, whether they will be able to best each other or not is an entirely different question altogether.

NIP has a strong roster on paper, they have produced excellent results so far and are definitely a team to contend with on the world stage. The skill ceiling of this team remains equivalent to some of the best teams in the world. However, as we witness the team’s performance, they also leave elements of the doubt for their fans. NIP is a team that can defeat strong teams, but it is heavily dependent on whether they can ensure Get_Right and F0rest have good performances.

Heroic, on the other hand, is a team that has a Danish lineup in addition to Friberg. Friberg is not doing too bad for himself and is definitely putting up strong results on an individual level. The rest of the squad is helped by e3tag and Mertz, both of who have produced amazing results when they perform well. Heroic has an affinity for CT sided maps, which places them firmly as a team that can produce strong one-sided maps on the CT side. However, their T side definitely is momentum based and can either flourish or wither away based on the team’s performance on multiple accounts.

Our pick : NiP
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We recommend a bet on NIP for this match. They are a team that has been decent when it comes to their performance against Tier 1/2 teams. However, they are inconsistent and that can be a problem for the team when it comes to play against much weaker teams.

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