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LOOT.BET Season 3 - 2019 - Tuesday 13 - 12:55 pm change timezone
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It’s time to see the first eliminations in the LOOT.BET Season 3 cup and fighting for a chance to stay in the competition we have the Portuguese squad OFFSET doing all they can against The Final Tribe.

The Final Tribe is a mix team with three players from Sweden, and one player from UK and one from US. While the initial experiment was interesting, right now this squad has proven to be truly underwhelming and their current loss streak back this up. The team simply can’t find chemistry within themselves and this is costing them.

OFFSET in the other hand hasn’t been lucky so far in LOOT.BET Season 3 and while their performances haven’t been great, they still show signs of promise and they definitely are in a better situation than their opponents for this match.

We do recommend a bet on OFFSET.

Our pick : OFFSET
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