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ESL Pro League Season 8 Europe Relegation - 2018 - Thursday 06 - 11:00 am change timezone
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The winner of this match will qualify for ESL Pro League Season 9. Its a huge achievement for either team as they are not having the best time in their results so far. Virtus Pro has an entirely new team and they will attempt to regain their spot at ESL Pro league. it will be a homecoming for them in this match. Their performance in the past few months has shown us signs of improvement, but they are not really a team that is ferocious and well known for their aim. With Pasha not yet reaching his peak capacity on the new team, it will only be a matter of time before we see further roster changes. Ofcourse, we don’t expect this team to be as strong as before but they can definitely become a strong Polish roster capable of winning the Tier two scene easily.

Optic Gaming’s roster includes members like Snappi, Jugi, Niko etc. The Danish roster does not lack talent on their lineup, however, that being said they lack the map pool to help them in the series. Their performance throughout the past few months has been noteworthy, mostly coming from the amazing individual skill of players like Niko. For them, they will rely on their individual prowess to win this match and that is an aspect where they should easily be able to win the aim-duels.

Our pick : OpTic
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We recommend a bet on Optic Gaming for this match.

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