[CSGO LOOT.BET SEASON 1] Red Reserve vs pro100

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LOOT.BET Season 1 - 2019 - Monday 11 - 2:00 pm change timezone
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This is a match for the Loot.bet tournament where we will see Red Reserve and Pro100 play against each other. The Red Reserve roster is playing with stand-ins and we will see how the current roster plays in this match. With financial troubles for the organisation, most of the players are now free agents. However, we will see how the team moves forth in this match, especially since most of the players will be looking for new organisations to represent in their near future. They already have a lot of talent, especially between Scream, Hampus and Draken. Draken, however, is not at the same level as his previous iteration. We have not seen the team utilise Draken as aggressively as he was on Fnatic before. He is also unable to hit most of his shots as per the same level as on a Tier one team and that impacts his confidence. We might not see the team use him in aggressive positions for the most part.

The Pro 100 team does not really play against the same tier of teams recently. They are a tier below the current crop of teams and we will see how the team advances further. Pro100 plays on Mirage, Cache and Inferno and they are usually very good. However, their success comes off their T side and that is based on their economic advantage that they secure. They also do not always rely on the best weaponry in order to make progress on their T side. We will see Pro100 struggle to make a huge impact in this match.

Our pick : Red Reserve
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We recommend a bet on Red reserve, despite the recent troubles for the team. They have a simple aim advantage over that of Pro100 and that should be more than enough for the Swedish team to move forward.

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