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ESL One Cologne 2019 Europe Open Qualifier 1 - 2019 - Sunday 14 - 12:00 pm change timezone
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This is the semifinal of the ESL One Cologne 2019 European Open qualifier. The winner of this match advances to the Grand finals and that will secure them a spot in the Closed qualifier. This will be a huge step forward for either team who have struggled for the most part to secure a placement in the top tier tournaments. Regardless, this match will only get them a position in the Closed qualifier, something that will help them get closer to the Main event.

Team Spirit is a CIS roster which sees massive improvements from their preceding rosters. The team has players who have lots of experience playing with each other. While their peak level is fascinating, the team does not have the consistency required to propel them into the top tier of teams.

On the other hand is Heroic, a team that has a mixture of Danish and Swedish players. Friberg has become a crucial part of this roster and he is someone who constantly keeps the spirit of the team high. The team is always striving to put forth a strong face forward, something that hides their struggles for the most part. Heroic has a decent map pool, helped by Inferno, Nuke & Overpass. They will use the veto to their advantage, clawing through the weaknesses of their opponents, Team Spirit.

Our pick : Spirit
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This is a difficult bet, espceially since we see the two teams closely matched with each other. They have the capability to win or lose this match, but Heroic seems to be the more consistent of the two teams. We recommend a bet on Heroic for this match.

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