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United Masters League - 2019 - Tuesday 12 - 9:00 am change timezone
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The Sprout roster has a German lineup and they have two veteran German players on the team. They have Spiidi and deni on the team. These player have been together for some of the best German players in the past. However, they have not been able to stay on a top team of late. they have been unable to make a huge impact in their performances and together the German team has been just trodding along. They are on a winning streak when they won their games against teams such as expert, Tricked, Unicorns of Love.

3DMAX is a team that has been able to put forth strong results. Despite consistently losing players to the next best French team, 3DMAX remains able to defeat them in important matches. So how do we see this team move forth in the upcoming matches? Well, they remain extremely unpredictable and a team that can either lose a game against a weaker opponent or they can also enable themselves to win matches where they are severe underdogs. It makes sense to place a bet on them, simply because the risk to reward ratio is very low. They have proven themselves over the past few weeks and the current roster easily has the capability to remain a top tier 2 roster.

Our pick : 3DMAX
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We recommend a bet on 3DMAX for this match.

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