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GG.BET Cologne Invitational - ESL One Cologne 2019 Qualifier - 2019 - Thursday 13 - 8:00 am change timezone
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This is the opening match of Group A between Sprout and NoChance. NoChance recently qualified for the Minor and are still without any representation from a Major organisation. However, the team remains a very strong presence in the European Counter-Strike scene. NoChance has a mixture of players from multiple nationalities. Some of these players have been members of more successful organisations in the past and have seen better days. However, that being said, we have seen the true potential of this team, in its current iteration. Vertigo, Nuke and Inferno are their strongest suit when it comes to their map pool. The team’s performance has been exceptional when it came to these maps.

Their opponents for this match Sprout feature a German lineup, several of these players have been together for a very long time. The team’s performance over the years has been very up and down with periods of instability and lack of performance paramount in these matches. However, there is no doubt that the team’s synergy is at an all-time high. They have a good understanding of each other’s gameplay, which helps them to secure a timely advantage when it comes to their matches.

Both the teams have had a win-streak of late and they are doing quite well for themselves. Judging from the quality of their opposition, Sprout does seem to be in much better form. They have had wins over teams such as Optic Gaming, BIG Gaming etc.

Our pick : Sprout
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