[CSGO HUNT WAVE LEAGUE] Vega Squadron vs Vici Gaming

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Hunt Wave League - 2019 - Tuesday 08 - 8:30 am change timezone
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This is the opening match of Group A for CSGO Hunt Wave League. The Vega roster has been together for some time now and they have ensured that they can stick play at their best with each other. Under the leadership of jR, this team has developed into a strong roster, one that can possibly challenge the very best. However, as we see them perform from day to day, we don’t really inspire confidence in the team. They are very irresponsible with their decision making at times. As a result of this, the team does not seem to be the strongest on all occasions. However, the quality of their opponents is very important. Their current match is against Vici Gaming, an upcoming team from China.

Vici Gaming is a team that does have strong players from the regional scene. The team’s performance of late has seen better times for the team. However, the Vici Gaming roster only has a handful of good players on their team. They have Zhoking as well as Kaze who have put up big numbers for their teams int he recent past. They have been a part of successful teams in the past and we expect them to come up big in this match. however, as an overall unit, we definitely think that Vega Squadron roster ha he much better overall team performance.



Our pick : Vega Squadron
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