[CSGO ESEA MDL SEASON 30 EUROPE] Vitality vs Epsilon

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ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe - 2019 - Wednesday 13 - 11:00 am change timezone
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The Vitality team relies on Zywoo to put up a strong performance in order for the team to win. Zywoo is a prodigy from the region and we think that he will be one of the best players in CSGO this year. However, the team still needs to step up their individual performance from other players. Regardless they should have a relatively easy match-up in this match as their opposition is not oof the best quality.

Epsilon’s team is a mixture of players from various nationalities. We have players such as K1to, Crucial and Surreal from different countries. Their communication will definitely have a small obstacle of sorts as the team will want to ensure that they can put up strong individual performances. However, this is exactly the kind of game where Zywoo can outperform his peers.

Our pick : Vitality
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We recommend a bet on Vitality for this match.

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