[CSGO ESEA MDL SEASON 31 EUROPE] Vitality vs Movistar Riders

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ESEA MDL Season 31 Europe - 2019 - Thursday 13 - 1:00 pm change timezone
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ESEA MDL Season 31 Europe is coming to close soon but before we couldn’t see it finishing without a match between some of the best performers of this season: Vitality and Movistar Riders.

Movistar Riders managed to surprise in this season ESEA MDL but the team couldn’t keep their success outer this tournament. Having a lot of inconsistent results, and even a streak of losses for some time, there’s a big difference betweent Movistar and Vitality.

Vitality that just won ECS Season 7 Finals and cs_summit 4 is coming to this season of MDL with hopes that they can break through the ladder and climb up to EPL Season 10 Europe. Compared to Movistar, they are levels above them. Even with Movistar having more experience in Vertigo, the map which will be played today, Vitality still holds the upper hand due to their firepower and tactics.

We recommend a bet on Vitality.

Our pick : Vitality
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