[CSGO WESG 2018 WORLD FINALS] Windigo vs G2

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WESG 2018 World Finals - 2019 - Saturday 16 - 7:45 am change timezone
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This is the semifinals of the World Electronic Sports Games 2018. The two teams are one part of the semifinals and they will be looking to move into the Grand finals of the tournament. Reaching the Grand finals essentially guarantees them $100,000 in prize money which is no small task.

G2 has made a roster change of late which saw them bring in AmaneK to the roster. He replaced Bodyy, a very tactical player whose frags were going south for the past three years. AmaneK has already proven himself multiple times on other teams, most recently on LDLC. Before this, he was a part of Misfits Gaming. He is extremely consistent with his performance. You can read more about G2, Amanek & their recipe for success here.

Windigo is no small team to scoff at this tournament. The team has had their core players together for a very long time. They have a great understanding of each others’ playstyle. It is almost second nature to the players to cover for each other. The only thing that can betray the team is their aim. They are inconsistent in their form and that is the singular reason for their wobbly results. Of late, they have been improving in form and we can see it from their semifinal appearance at WESG 2018. The team has a good spread of maps in their kitty and that will help them in the veto stage against the ‘newly-formed’ G2 roster.

This match is going to be much closer than it is on paper. G2 has had an absolutely easy time coming to this stage. They have won against much weaker teams such as Panda, Revolution, Absolute. Windigo, on the other hand, won their matches against the likes of Fnatic, MiBr amongst others.


Our pick : Windigo
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We have not seen anything splendid from G2 yet with Amanek. They are yet to be tested by stronger opponents. For now, we will tread lightly and recommend a small bet on Windigo. They are on a roll right now and they have all the momentum required to go through to the Grand finals of WESG 2018.

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