[CSGO LOOT.BET SEASON 1] x-kom vs Windigo

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LOOT.BET Season 1 - 2019 - Saturday 09 - 2:00 pm change timezone
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After a disappointing season, x-kom is back in the game as they head out to LOOT.BET Season 1 and they will be playing against the Bulgarian superteam of Windigo, who clearly wants to have an early win guaranteed here.

Windigo latest results aren’t as good as we expected from them which clearly points to some internal issues happening with this roster. Still, Windigo entered 2019 as one of the teams to look forward in the low tier competition and they still are given that ‘poizon’ and ‘bubble’ are great players that still are improving.

X-kom in the other hand entered 2019 disappointing and kept doing so until now. The team clearly needs some change to may work and so far, this change hasn’t came yet.

We do recommend a bet on Windigo.

Our pick : Windigo
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